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Stolen NFT Policy

Last Updated: November 2022

The knowing purchase and sale of stolen Tokens violates both U.S. law and this Agreement. If RECUR learns that a User’s account and/or Tokens may be connected with a potential theft, RECUR may, at its sole discretion, suspend the User’s account and/or freeze Tokens in order to conduct a thorough investigation. RECUR reserves the right to suspend User accounts and freeze Tokens for as long as RECUR deems necessary to complete the investigation.  RECUR is not liable for losses arising from any suspensions or the inability to withdraw Tokens from the RECUR platform. 

Users who wish to report a theft may do so by filling out a request form on our website and attaching a police report. Theft reports must be accompanied by a police report. RECUR has no obligation to suspend accounts or freeze Tokens in response to a theft report and may do so at its sole discretion.  

Please be aware that users’ Tokens are not within the custody of Recur. As such, RECUR cannot recover lost or stolen funds that have been transferred off the platform. Additionally, RECUR cannot prevent subsequent transactions or transfers using other marketplaces or services or through interaction with the blockchain.

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