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Digital collectibles are becoming a cornerstone in the global creative economy. But despite the growing familiarity with NFTs, a clear understanding of their varied forms and potential utility still needs to be discovered for most.

June 22, 2023

Creating digital collectibles: 3 mint types

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The 3 types of NFTs to mint and why

Digital collectibles are quickly becoming a cornerstone in the global creative economy, opening up fresh avenues for artists, innovators, and enthusiasts alike.

But despite the growing familiarity with NFTs, a clear understanding of their varied forms and potential utility still needs to be discovered for most. 

So what are those mint types?

  • Single: the embodiment of uniqueness
  • Limited: crafting value through scarcity
  • Unlimited: the power of ubiquity

Choosing the right type of NFT to mint depends on your goals, target audience, and the nature of the digital item you envision. 

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The bulletin board

What defines a digital collectible?

From art to profile pictures to in-game avatars and everything in between, what makes digital items stand out is their immutable individuality.

They’re defined by specific characteristics that make them unique. These defining characteristics are attributes. 

But what exactly are attributes? And why should you care about them?

Attributes not only set each digital collectible apart from the next, but they also create a narrative around the item. A narrative that plays a crucial role in building the world of the collectibles and enhancing each item’s appeal.

How to integrate NFTs into your existing mobile games

Every in-game item, powered by NFTs, can hold a uniqueness akin to a collector’s item in the physical world. 

Think of an elusive in-game power-up, a unique digital trading card, a character with special abilities, or even a coveted piece of in-game land. All of this can be turned into an ownable digital item that enhances the richness of gaming experiences. 

While every mobile game demands its own approach, there is a simple and effective structure that can be followed when integrating NFTs into your mobile game:

  1. Plan your NFT strategy and define what assets will be represented as NFTs.
  2. Choose a primary blockchain based on which suits your needs the best.
  3. Develop smart contracts to launch your NFTs with.

Learn the three other steps when integrating NFTs in our latest blog

Trivia Thursdays: Test your web3 knowledge

Put your web3 knowledge to the test with this week's Trivia Thursday.

What does it mean to have in-game ownership?

  1. Owned assets can be traded or transferred across games and platforms.
  2. Owned assets can enable unique customized characters and player identities to be used across their gaming experiences.
  3. Owned assets can create and verify the rarity of items.
  4. Owned assets can provide long-term revenue for creators and players alike.
  5. All of the above.

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A look at web3 news stories of the week

There’s no shortage of web3 news lately. And sometimes, it can be hard to keep up.

Here are some that caught our eye. 👇

Feature of the week

Carly Reilly, Founder & CEO of Overpriced JPEGs

This week’s feature is the Founder and CEO of popular podcast, Overpriced JPEGs, Carly Reilly.

Carly is an NFT expert and emerging tech enthusiast who has interviewed leading minds in web3, technology, and the digital future for the Overpriced JPEGs podcast. Overpriced JPEGs is the world’s leading podcast about NFTs and the metaverse.    

The podcast has welcomed guests like Yuga Labs CEO, VeeFriends President, and Doodles CEO to name a few. And this summer, the Overpriced JPEGs podcast will be recording live episodes on tour for The Overpriced Happy Hour Tour. OPJ NFT holders can reserve a seat to join the fun live.

Outside of hosting influential leaders on OPJ, Carly was the co-host of Andrew Yang’s podcast, Yang Speaks (now Forward), was the National Finance Director for his 2020 presidential campaign, and has written for The Washington Post. 💫 

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Trivia Answer:

E. All of the above.

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