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NFTs + gaming = 💡

NFTs and blockchain technology are reshaping the gaming industry. Our latest blog dives into the changing gaming industry and five opportunities NFTs will introduce in that transition.

February 9, 2023

NFTs are reshaping gaming | The RECURring Times

In the spotlight

A paradigm shift is right around the corner

NFTs and blockchain technology are reshaping the gaming industry. 

You’d better hold onto your hats! We’re about to see an upending of norms that fundamentally alters how players play and developers build their digital worlds. 

Our latest blog dives into the changing gaming industry and five opportunities NFTs will introduce in that transition.

Learn about:

  • Digital ownership
  • Secondary economies 
  • Increased engagement
  • Leveled playing fields 
  • Cross-game compatibility
  • And more!

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The bulletin board

Unpacking web3 – what is it and why should you care

Web1, web2, web3… 

This new terminology has thrown the world into a frenzy as everyone tries to understand the internet’s digital shift.

With web1, the technology focused on providing easy access to information. With web2, the dynamic features made it easier for users to create and share content online. 

But each iteration had limitations that compounded. 

Enter web3. 

Web3 addresses the limitations of its predecessors by creating a more interoperable, intelligent, and flexible online experience. 

And now, what we build, how we build, and who we build for are at the crux of the web3 movement… 

Trivia Thursdays: Test your web3 knowledge

Put your web3 knowledge to the test with this week's Trivia Thursday.

Question: What is a hash?

  1. A large farm of mining equipment
  2. A unique string of numbers and letters
  3. A tamper-proof system of transaction records
  4. A consensus protocol used to validate transactions

Check out the answer at the bottom of this email and get ready for next week by reading up on the latest in our web3 101 series.


Your three-bullet summary of happenings from RECUR

Around web3

Tis the season for football and falling in love 🏈

For the second year in a row the biggest game in American sports falls on the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. 

But that’s about where the similarities end. Naturally, this year we’ll be watching different teams, in a different location, and with a slew of different commercials... 

That’s right. This year we won’t see any crypto ads during the big game. 

According to the Associated Press, unlike last year when crypto companies captivated millions with their 60 second spots – dubbing it the Crypto Bowl – there will be “zero representation in that category” this year. 

But don’t count the digital asset space out just yet. A few web3 companies are poised to represent NFTs this Sunday. 

So get your wings and beverage of choice ready. It’s still anybody’s game. 

Wags from RE(P)URrrrr

Featuring the furry friends of RECUR employees.

Trivia Answer:

C. A tamper-proof system of transaction records

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