NFT.NYC 2023 recap 🗣️

Last week, the RECUR team was in New York for NFT.NYC. While there, we met with projects and communities throughout the week and what they focused on spoke volumes about the path being forged in the NFT and web3 space.

April 20, 2023

NFT.NYC Recap 2023 | The evolving landscape of NFTs

In the spotlight

NFT.NYC 2023 Recap

Last week, members of the RECUR team were in New York for NFT.NYC.

While there, we met with projects and communities throughout the week and what they focused on spoke volumes about the path being forged in the NFT and web3 space. 

Discussions revolved around…

🍪 NFTs for a cookie-less world

💳 NFTs enhancing e-commerce

👜 NFTs and luxury goods

🫂 NFTs creating the next generation of loyalty programs

💫 And so much more

Learn about all this in our event recap and be sure to read through to the end for a community highlight!

The bulletin board

Elevating subscription models with NFTs

Web3’s ascent has proven you have to be innovative to create value for your customers. You have to be creative to set your business apart. It’s the name of the game. 

And NFTs are here to make that process a little easier. How so?

Integrating NFTs into subscription models has emerged as a cutting-edge tactic to boost brand engagement and deepen customer relationships.

But to effectively integrate NFTs into your subscription model, you need to consider these four strategies:

  1. Exclusive digital content
  2. Tiered subscription levels
  3. Gamification and rewards
  4. Community building

And that’s only the beginning. Discover how NFTs can transform subscription businesses in our latest article.

Understanding NFTs and cryptocurrencies

Have you heard conversations at your local coffee shop about NFTs and cryptocurrencies? 

It seems like everyone is diving into the world of digital assets. And if you’re feeling left behind, we’re here to shine some light on the matter.


❓ What is a cryptocurrency 

🌐 The invisible thread between crypto and NFTs

💡 How cryptocurrencies and NFTs converge in the digital realm

Arm yourself with all the cryptocurrency knowledge from our latest Web3 101 article

Trivia Thursdays: Test your web3 knowledge

Put your web3 knowledge to the test with this week's Trivia Thursday.

What is token-gating?

  1. A decentralized, distributed ledger that records transactions across a network of computers.
  2. The ability for different blockchain networks to communicate with each other.
  3. The process of creating new digital assets on the blockchain.
  4. A verification method made possible through blockchain technology.

Check out the answer at the bottom of this email, and get ready for next week by reading up on the latest from RECUR.


Your three-bullet summary of happenings from RECUR

Around web3

A look at web3 news stories of the week

There seems to be no shortage of web3 news lately. And sometimes, it can be hard to keep up.

Here are some that caught our eye. 👇

Feature of the week

Sandy Carter, Unstoppable Women of Web3

For this week’s feature, we’re spotlighting Senior Vice President and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains, Sandy Carter.

At UD, Sandy drives new partnerships and integrations for web3, blockchain, and NFTs, all while founding the offshoot, Unstoppable Women of Web3. Her mission is to onboard the world onto the decentralized web by building a blockchain-based identity platform. Her work has led her to help partners and customers own their identity through domain names. 

And Unstoppable Women of Web3 takes that work a step further. They’re a group of female leaders who don’t just believe in an equal, democratized, and decentralized future, they’re actively working to build it. Making web3 accessible for everyone, being action oriented, and ushering in new users from the start is all part of their mission.

Every year they curate a list of inspirational women and girls of web3 and the metaverse to bring awareness to the amazing individuals building in the space.  

Wags from RE(P)URrrrr

Featuring the furry friends of RECUR employees.

Trivia Answer:

D. A verification method made possible through blockchain technology.

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