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The tools you need to create lasting NFT experiences.
None of the web3 learning curve.

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RECUR Builder

Transform your business in web3 with one simple platform.

From NFT minting and gamification to wallet management and security—we’ve got you covered. Start to finish.

Say goodbye to complex and overwhelming vendor juggling. Say hello to a robust engagement platform.
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Work smarter, not harder with RECUR Builder

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Stand out creatively
Focus on building an interactive experience your users will love and let our low-code solution do the heavy lifting.
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Ironclad risk and security
Protect your customers and their assets without lifting a finger through our top-of-the-line security and risk management.
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Flexibility for the future
Blockchain-agnostic solution backed by scalable technology to give you and your customers exceptional adaptability.
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Go to market faster
Launch your brand into web3 in a matter of weeks with a fraction of the resources — no vendors required.
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Sophisticated royalties
Earn royalty payments with tracking, reporting, and fee collection wherever your digital collectibles are traded.

The building blocks of your web3 experience

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What will you build?

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In-game assets with provable ownership
Incentivize customers with liquidity of in-game purchases. NFTs can drastically impact players' purchasing habits and improve retention by giving them lasting ownership.
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Enhanced loyalty programs
Boost customer retention with a loyalty program that offers more flexibility—on and offline. With NFTs, users receive a deeper experience through interoperability and ownership.
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Unique digital collectibles
Digitize your company's beloved art or merchandise like a modern-day baseball trading card. Users can engage, trade, or keep it for their personal collection.
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You decide…
The possibilities are endless. Integrate NFTs into an existing web2 infrastructure or start from scratch with an entirely new web3 experience for your fans to rally around.
Why NFTs?

Web3 is here.

Shifting from web2 to web3 may feel daunting. But with the right tools and partner, it’s not as scary as it seems.

In web3, the internet is all about the user. Community, ownership, and unforgettable experiences for users will drive growth in every industry.

And NFTs will be at the heart of it all.
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Empower your users
Strengthen your community and give true ownership in your business.
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Build new experiences
Provide next-level entertainment in the physical and digital world.
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Unlock new revenue
Tap into previously unleveraged value for you and your customers.
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Prepare for the future
Get a head-start on your industry by adopting this technology now.
Reel Owners NFTs - Slotomania's web3 experience
Built on RECUR

Explore web3 experiences built with RECUR Builder.

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Playtika is leveraging RECUR Builder to launch an integrated web3 experience that redefines the gaming experience for their 34M+ monthly active users.
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Anything’s possible with NFTs. Everything's possible with RECUR Builder.

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