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Why Early Access Matters

For early supporters and power users of RECUR, we created the RECUR Pass. Just like all other collectibles powered by our platform, the Pass itself is an NFT that you can acquire and hold in your collection.
RECUR Pass Early Access

What is RECUR?

RECUR connects fandoms with the largest global brands in the world by enabling its users to own official, licensed digital collectibles.

NFTU is one of many branded NFT experiences powered by RECUR.

Each site that is powered by RECUR can be thought of as a recurring, immersive collecting experience that celebrates all aspects of brands and their fandoms. In the case of NFTU, this means year-round NFT releases of sports collectibles, highlighting different sports and athletes depending on the current season and other ongoing events in the sports zeitgeist.

Some NFTs are rarer than others, and users will be rewarded for collecting and trading-in NFTs from their collection with new, highly sought-after collectibles (you can learn more about this here). Users can also purchase and sell NFTs to other collectors using a standard credit card or cryptocurrency.

What is Early Access?

Drops are how brands sell their official NFTs directly to RECUR users. In most cases, drops are only available in limited quantities and for a limited amount of time due to the scarce nature of NFT collectibles. The demand for access to authentic, licensed collectibles from some of the largest properties in the world, means that new drops can sell out quickly.

For early supporters and power users of RECUR, we created the RECUR Pass. Just like all other collectibles powered by our platform, the Pass itself is an NFT that you can acquire and hold in your collection. The first utility of owning a RECUR Pass is Early Access. Early Access provides owners of the Pass with a special allocation for drops during an exclusive time window at the beginning of each drop.

As we continue to launch new NFT experiences to hundreds of millions of fans around the world, we believe that Early Access provides an enormous value to avid collectors that require the allocation and extra time to participate in the drops that are most important to them.

Early Access will come in different varieties. For NFTU’s inaugural season, Early Access is available to anyone holding at least one Pass. In future releases, on NFTU and across other experiences, both the attributes of a Pass and the quantity of the Passes held by each account will factor into how certain drops are allocated.

Early Access is the first iteration of Pass utility within the RECUR ecosystem. As we continue to release new drops and launch branded experiences, we are firmly committed to the utility of the Pass within drops and gameplay mechanics alike within RECUR experiences.

How to get Early Access?

The first thing to know is RECUR accounts are connected to each and every brand experience that we power. This means that you only need one RECUR account to access every RECUR NFT Experience, and this enables us to offer a wealth of benefits and features that will continue to evolve as new site experiences, drops, and gameplay mechanics are released. As long as you hold a RECUR Pass in your account, you will be granted Early Access to new drops across our site experiences.

If you are brand new to RECUR and are interested in acquiring a Pass, you can create an account on the Pass website. Once inside, you can purchase a Pass by browsing the RECUR Marketplace, selecting a Pass, and completing your payment with a credit card or cryptocurrency. After this point, Early Access will be activated on your RECUR account.

If you are an existing RECUR user that already owns a Pass in your collection: there’s nothing more for you to do! For as long as you hold a Pass, you will receive holder benefits such as Early Access on your account.

Early Access in NFTU

NFTU provides a great example of how Early Access will be integrated into the site experience. During the first series of NFTU, lasting for 8 weeks, Early Access drops will begin every Monday at 11:00AM EDT and last for 24 hours. After this period, the floodgates will open and the drops open to the public. 50% of the total supply of Cases will be allocated to Pass holders, and any unsold Cases at the end of the Early Access period will be moved into the public sale.

How does one know when a drop is in the Early Access phase? Just look out for the portal. RECUR site experiences will use this icon any time an Early Access sale is upcoming or in progress.

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