The Star Trek™ Continuum Experience

A peek at the upcoming Star Trek™ experience
The Star Trek™ Continuum Experience

Greetings Captains and Star Trek™ fans alike!

Our Starship Exchange mission is almost complete and more is on the horizon. Each Captain will be called to build their collection and prepare their strategy for what awaits. But what exactly is on the horizon?

We’ve heard your calls. So before we take another step forward, let us discuss where we are going.

The Star Trek™ Continuum vision

We see the Star Trek™ Continuum as the future of digital collectible fandom.

The Continuum will be a live, persistent experience in which Captains utilize the power of their curated collection to explore our universe. Exploration will uncover new, rare, and unique rewards. These rewards will then further build collections, inspiring more exploration and passion for the Star Trek™ universe.

The Continuum will have its own standalone narrative set in the Star Trek™ universe, which unveils how both new and fan-favorite characters from the TV shows and movies will come together for one epic adventure.

Where have we journeyed thus far?

Back in April, we launched the first iteration of the Star Trek™ Continuum: Starships.

It was here that Captains were born, acquiring Starships and building their fleets. Each vessel is completely unique with a variety of classes, roles, and specializations that will be useful and necessary in order to fully explore the galaxy.

Since then, we’ve begun balancing the fleet economy — the first mission in the Continuum — and are now setting our sights towards the future.

Where do we go from here?

In our next season, the crew will be introduced into the Continuum.

Without crew, a Starship is just floating metal in space. Later this year, we will release our crew members alongside a tiered crew progression system. Crew packs will include 5 crew members with a random array of roles and skills. Captains will collect crew of various roles and skills to operate the stations on their collection of ships.

Captain’s Note: Starship Captains will receive a reward of one crew member per Starship.

This season will be marked by a Captain’s ability to collect and train a wide range of crew. These crews should cover as many of the available disciplines as possible and be fully trained — through locking and decommissioning activities — in order to complete all of the forthcoming missions and earn exclusive rewards featuring your favorite cast and crew from Star Trek™: Discovery and Star Trek™: Strange New Worlds.

Captains will be faced with a host of different decisions to make, so start plotting your strategy.

To boldly go where no one has gone before

As new seasons unfold, the Starships you have gathered and the crew you’ve curated will come together with the release of Expeditions.

In Expeditions, single-players will be able to put their crew’s skills and the power of their fleet to the test as they travel to multiple planets and complete missions. Each mission will test tactical decision-making and crew abilities.

Success will bring Captains some of the most exclusive collectibles from the Star Trek™ universe.

The Undiscovered Country

The Continuum universe will continue to grow and expand with more planets, Starships, crew, and expeditions.

The future is yours for the taking. The opportunities are as boundless as the stars.

The journey has only just begun!

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