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Star Trek™ Continuum - Community Decision on Remaining Ships

Calling all Captains!
Star Trek Continuum Community Decision on Remaining Ships

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for an update on Star Trek Continuum. The team is hard at work on Season 1 planning and we will share more on this soon. However, before we embark on our first mission, we need to tie up some loose ends from our Season 0 Starship Drop

We sold 5,000 Admiral Packs and 3,381 Captain Packs. As a result, since Admiral Packs contained Constitution and Constitution Refit class ships, the majority of the ships currently in circulation are from those two classes, with comparatively fewer Class III, Miranda, Oberth, and Soyuz class ships.

Here is a breakdown of the estimated current distribution of ships in players’ inventories. Note that these are estimates, as some packs are unopened thus we do not know their exact contents.

To reach an optimal balance of class types, total supply, Starship value, and game play mechanics, we are going to cap the total number of ships at 10,000 and permanently burn the excess.

Here is a breakdown of the current distribution of Packs:

This means there is a deficit of 1,119 Starships that we want to bring into circulation (10,000 desired supply minus 8,881 current supply). This begs the question — how do we get the remaining 1,119 ships into circulation to reach 10,000? We have 2 options to present you with, and we will put it to a community vote to decide.

Option #1 — Use as rewards in future gameplay

In this option, we would reserve the remaining 1,119 packs to be used as mission rewards in Star Trek Continuum. These packs would not contain additional Constitution or Constitution Refit ships, but would contain equal amounts of the other four classes (Class III, Miranda, Oberth, and Soyuz). The number of Constitution and Constitution Refit class ships would remain exactly as it is today, but we would add ~394 additional ships to each of the other four classes through missions. If the community chooses this option, Constitutions and Constitution Refits will still significantly outnumber the other classes.

Option #2 — One-for-two swap

In this option, we would offer players a limited-time option to swap 1 Constitution or Constitution Refit class ship for two ships from the other four classes (Class III, Miranda, Oberth, and Soyuz). This would be an opt-in for those who wish to participate in the swap, and would not be mandatory. There would be a total cap of 1,119 swaps possible, so depending on the level of interest in this swap, not all players may have the opportunity to participate in the swap.

The final ship class distribution will depend on how many players choose to participate in the swap, and the more players who participate in the swap, the more balanced the ship class distribution will be. If we open the swap option but less than the maximum of 1,119 swaps are claimed, the difference between the actual number of swaps claimed and 10,000 will be added to the reserve and earmarked for gameplay rewards. For example, if 1,000 swaps are claimed, the remaining 119 ships will be added to the reserve. The additional reserves would contain equal amounts of the other four classes (Class III, Miranda, Oberth, and Soyuz).

You can see below that as participation increases, the distribution becomes more balanced.

~30% Participation in Swap
~60% Participation in Swap
~100% Participation in Swap

In addition to giving players a choice, the main benefit of this option is that it balances the distribution of Specialization traits — particularly Tier 1 Specializations. There are very few Class III Carrier, Oberth, and Soyuz class ships with traits of any type. The swap option would allow us to get more of these missing traits into circulation, which would allow us to use them more frequently and more effectively in gameplay. Without the swap, those less distributed Specializations are very rare. Note that which ships get swapped into circulation and which ships get burned would be random, as this process would occur in a blind manner, so we cannot predict the exact Specialization distribution after the swap. A downside of this swap would be that we would likely be further reducing the amount of ships that have ‘none’ for specializations. This is a consequence we’re comfortable with and given the reduced overall Season 0 ship supply, is a reality that we can account for in gameplay.

Note: These numbers are approximate and do not include owned unopened packs.

Because this decision impacts all Starship holders, we want to let you decide which option we pursue as a community. Regardless of what you decide, we have total confidence that we will design compelling and amazing gameplay in either scenario.

The choice we are asking you to make boils down to this. Do you want Captain Pack ships to remain rare, or do you want to rebalance the ship class and ship trait distributions while also getting an extra ship to own or sell?

Get excited for a fun game that will reward the traits of the ships in play, whatever they may be.

To vote, head to the #community-polls channel in our Discord (https://discord.gg/S35mqqJV) and add an emoji reaction to the option you want to vote for. We will keep the poll open for 1 week, until 10pm ET on June 1, 2022.

TM & © 2022 CBS Studios Inc. © 2022 Paramount Pictures Corp. Star Trek and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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