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Rugrats and Hey Arnold! are almost ready to collect, trade, and slime 🧡 💚

Are you ready for the next wave of cartoon-ish excitement? Get ready for a throwback that will reignite the excitement of a Saturday morning special.
Nickelodeon NFT: How it Works

Nickelodeon NFTs 🙌

Breaking free from box-television time capsules, Rugrats and Hey Arnold! are back as digital collectibles that can be collected, traded, and… slimed on RECUR.

Let’s draw this out ✍️

Starting July 18th, the first drop featuring Rugrats and Hey Arnold! characters will be open for our Pass Holder Whitelist Sale. There will only be 10,000 Nickelodeon Packs available in the first set and RECUR Pass Holders will have two opportunities to purchase first. So save the date and try not to be a baby if you miss the drop — there’s always the secondary market.

Collecting Tip:

Did you see who’s coming to the first Nickelodeon drop? Check out our article on the first 12 characters.

7/12 RECUR Pass Holder Snapshot

On July 12th, we will take a snapshot to see which Pass Holders will qualify for the Nickelodeon Whitelist.

To be eligible for the Whitelist you’ll need a RECUR Pass with a most occurring color of Orange, Green, or Neutral/Mixed with 2x Orange and 2x Green and one of the following traits:

  • Property Tag: Prime, Three of a Kind, Palindrome, Full House, Four of a Kind, Square, Cube, Fibonacci, or Perfect
  • Color Set: Monochrome , Dichrome, or Trichrome
  • Longest Sequence: 2, 3, 4, or 5

If you have a RECUR Pass that like that, make sure it’s in your RECUR Wallet on July 12th and we’ll see you on July 18th 👍

7/18 Nickelodeon Whitelist Sale

If you qualified for the Whitelist Sale, you’ll receive an email with one early access code for every eligible Pass you held during the snapshot. Just login to Nickelodeon.xyz, enter your early access code, and purchase your pack.

7/19 Early Access and Public Sale

Following the Whitelist sale, all RECUR Pass Holders will have early access to the first Nickelodeon drop at 1pm ET, while supplies last. The full inventory and public access to the drop opens at 2pm ET the same day.

Check out our blog for more details on the snapshot, timing, and drop details.

What’s in a pack?

Each Nickelodeon NFT pack will contain one of 12 characters in the set, featuring a unique combination of up to nine attributes. Eager to reveal your new PFP immediately? You got it! Packs can be opened immediately after they’re added to your collection.

If you feel like playing games or appreciate the mystery, you can hold onto your sealed pack(s). They can always be resold in the Nickelodeon.xyz marketplace or withdrawn to other marketplaces like OpenSea. Learn more on our how it works page.

Are you ready for Slime? 🧪

This isn’t your average NFT drop, this is Powered by RECUR. And our fans know what that means: Challenges.

Let the games begin! Just a week after the drop gets going, the real fun kicks-off. In the first set of Challenges, you’ll be able to swap your characters for Slime.

Slime is an NFT you can earn by swapping in your Nickelodeon NFT(s).

Your Slime Score determines how much Slime your character is worth. One character could be worth one, two, three, four, five, or even ten Slime! Be ready to go because there are only 5,000 Slime NFTs available and you’ll definitely want to make sure you get enough!

Get ready for Slime time, beginning July 26th.

Collecting Tip:

Characters in the first Nickelodeon NFT drop can have up to nine traits and every single NFT is completely unique.

Collect characters, compete in challenges, and earn Slime. Simple, right? So what does Slime do? It’s pretty fun.

Mix and Mash(up)

There are only 5,000 Slime available that can be earned by completing challenges and starting on July 29th, you can put that Slime to use. If you’ve collected at least ten Slime, you can trade them in to receive a rare character Mashup.

Mashups are bespoke characters that combine two different characters — one from Rugrats and one from Hey Arnold! into something entirely unique. Just imagine; Tommy Pickles crossed with Helga Pataki, aka Tolga or Arnold Shortman mixed with Chuckie Finster, aka Arkie. There are 36 unique character combinations but each Mashup is 1 of 1. How cool is that?

There will only be 500 Mashups available, so you’ll want to act fast and collect enough Slime before it runs dry.

Collecting Tip:

Don’t try to hoard Slime for future drops or character Mashups, Slime from this drop will only unlock Mashups from this drop.

Are you ready for a fantastic Nickelodeon throwback? We sure are and we’re glad to make it happen. 🧡 💚

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