RECUR x Beamable: Enhancing web3 gaming

By combining the strengths of our platforms, we aim to empower a new generation of games where game developers can offer true ownership and value to players.
RECUR x Beamable

Web3-enabled gaming is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the broader video game industry today. With growing attention on and investments in web3 gaming comes a variety of hurdles. To deliver on the promises of web3 while enabling world-class end-user experiences, these hurdles need to be overcome.

Finding a player-oriented, easy-to-use, and flexible method to integrate web3 technology directly into games built with today's leading gaming engines has been challenging for game developers. 

Until now.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Beamable—a leading game development and live ops platform for games built on Unity or Unreal Engine—to make web3 functionality more accessible for all—from AAA studios to indie game studios—through RECUR Builder. 

Game developers building on Unreal Engine and Unity will soon have access to RECUR Builder’s suite of tools directly through their Beamable game server.

By combining the strengths of our platforms, we aim to empower a new generation of games where game developers can offer provable ownership, innovative game economies, and all-new reward types for players.

"We're excited to partner with Beamable to accelerate the adoption of web3 technology by the gaming industry," said Zach Bruch, RECUR CEO and Co-Founder. "By leveraging tools from RECUR Builder within Beamable, gaming studios can create games that offer richer experiences for players while enabling true ownership of in-game assets."

This new partnership will enable developers to create blockchain-based games that facilitate the tokenization and trading of in-game assets as NFTs, creating a new paradigm for game development.

"We're thrilled to partner with RECUR to help usher in the next generation of gaming," said Trapper Markelz, Beamable COO. "With the RECUR web3 platform, we believe we can seamlessly provide new tools that enable games to offer unique value propositions to players with a more immersive experience."

The RECUR and Beamable partnership represents an exciting advancement for both the gaming and web3 industries, enabling further exploration into novel methods for enhancing gaming experiences.

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