Ready your Starships, Captain!

Discover how to complete your first mission and build your fleet.
Star Trek™ Continuum - Your Mission Explained

Your journey through the Star Trek™ Continuum is only just beginning. You have obtained a Starship — your vessel for exploring the strange new worlds of this universe — but more is on the horizon. As we delve deeper, you’ll assemble your crew, collect new planets and species, and complete missions. But before we get there a choice must be made.

Ready your Strategy

Your first mission is nearing. Soon you’ll be called to make a choice. Will you keep your Constitution or Constitution Refit? Or will you decommission it for two Starships from the other four classes: Class III, Miranda, Oberth, and Soyuz?

Each Starship belongs to one of six classes that give you advantages in upcoming missions. Some classes are equipped to manage more scientific missions while others are capable of hauling several metric tons of cargo and several hundred passengers. Learn about each Starship to start formulating your strategy.

What strategy — and Starships — will help you achieve greatness?

Diversify your fleet

The day is here — your mission has arrived. Before you boldly go, you must decide to stay the course or diversify your fleet. On September 27th journey to the Missions page to decommission your Constitution or Constitution Refit. By decommissioning, you are parting ways with that Starship forever.

In its place you will acquire two Fleet Packs, each containing one of the four remaining Starship classes. There are only 1,119 missions available. In the first hour, each Captain will be able to decommission a maximum of one Starship. Once the hour has expired, Captains will be free to decommission as many Starships as desired until the 1,119 spots have all been claimed.

Captain’s Note: On this day, Starships will be available for withdrawal to a third party wallet or marketplace, like OpenSea.

Boldly go

Once all 1,119 spots have been claimed and the mission is complete, we’ll set our sights on the future. The frontier is vast. Some embark upon it to conquer. Some to escape. The driving force of this journey is discovery.

Join us, Captains!

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