Playtika launches web3 gaming experience for their beloved game, Slotomania, Built on RECUR

Playtika is revolutionizing its industry-leading games through web3 experiences Built on RECUR. First up, Slotomania’s new Reel Owners experience!
Introducing Playtika to RECUR Builder

Playtika, a gaming industry pioneer, is making history by launching their new, fully integrated web3 experience Built on RECUR. 

Known for its vast portfolio of diverse, free-to-play games, we’re thrilled to announce that Playtika is the first to leverage our new platform, RECUR Builder, to introduce digital collectibles to one of their largest titles, Slotomania. 

Today they’re launching Reel Owners, their experience Built on RECUR that integrates into Slotomania. Reel Owners allows players to own and collect digital assets that represent symbols from Slotomania’s slot games. Players can then connect their Slotomania and Reel Owners accounts and use their digital assets to redeem in-game rewards within Slotomania.

What does that mean, and what led them to take the leap into web3? Let’s find out.

The desire to level up

As a leader in the mobile gaming industry, Playtika is constantly looking for new ways to engage their audience. They have been dabbling with the idea of expanding into web3 for the leading purpose of giving more to their players. Their belief in the power of web3 is said best by Lior Kenan, their VP of Web3:

"If the players become owners of items in their games it strengthens the connection between the users and the games." 

Introducing web3 experiences and digital collectibles will redefine the gaming experience for players and give them one thing they’ve never had before: true ownership. Now, instead of buying an item that is only available inside the game, they’re giving players the ability to do what they want with it, when they want—like selling it to other players. 

Together, we’ll be unlocking new functionality and opportunities that were never before possible for Playtika’s whopping 34 million monthly active users around the globe. 

Enhancing Playtika’s games through web3 is not only giving players more power, but Playtika will tap into its own benefits, like:

  • Forging lasting loyalty amongst users and stronger communities;
  • Reaching new audiences and engaging users in new ways;
  • Leveraging new distribution channels enabled by blockchain technology;
  • Opening a new ongoing revenue stream. 

Playtika has long had a vision for how they’d integrate with web3. The only problem was how to actually do it. Enter RECUR Builder.

Hitting the jackpot with innovation and trust

RECUR Builder, an end-to-end platform featuring a suite of robust web3 tools, is making it possible for Playtika to quickly and easily provide users with the best web3 experience.

So, what made RECUR Builder the right fit for Playtika? 

All-in-one advanced capabilities

Gaining access to the entire web3 tech stack in one platform was essential to ensuring Playtika had all the tools needed to build, integrate, and manage their Reel Owners experience. Having everything in one platform means they avoided vendor juggling, allowing less room for error, hassle, and a faster time to launch.

Simplified, user-friendly onboarding

Slotomania players can automatically link and authenticate their Slotomania accounts with RECUR to create a Reel Owners account. Easy onboarding, fully-equipped omni-wallets, and a hybrid approach to global payments means whether users are native to web3 or brand new, there's no learning curve to getting involved. 

A trusted solution

It’s no secret that the backend of web3 is complex. That’s why choosing a trusted partner to take your first steps into the space is critical. Playtika and RECUR are after the same mission: to make web3 more accessible and beneficial for their players. With our common goal, Playtika is the perfect inaugural customer to make its web3 debut with RECUR Builder.

Ready to spin your luck with Reel Owners?

Playtika’s web3 vision is now starting with Slotomania and the Reel Owners experience. Reel Owners offers players a central location to buy kits, trade with others to collect a full set, and challenges to create their own slot game that helps them earn rewards within Slotomania.

How does it work?

Players will be able to purchase digital assets known as symbols (Slotomania fans will notice a lot of familiar faces) to create their own slot games and earn exclusive prizes. You’ll do this by:

  1. Collecting Symbols: To build a slot game, you’ll first need to collect a full set of symbols, all of the same rarity. Symbols can be bought during drops or in the Reel Owners marketplace.
  2. Building Slot Games: Once you have a set of symbols, you’re ready to assemble your first slot game. In a challenge, you’ll build your own slot game that represents the games you play within Slotomania.
  3. Winning Rewards: After you create your slot game, you’ll be able to earn exclusive weekly owner rewards within Slotomania and even win rewards when other players play it! 

For even more information, check out the Reel Owners experience and FAQ.

When can I start?

For all the details, join our joint AMA on Monday, January 30th at 2pm ET in RECUR’s Discord.

In the meantime, you can create your Reel Owners account today! Then in the coming weeks, drops will begin and you’ll be able to buy symbol kits, trade on the Reel Owners marketplace to collect a full set of symbols, and participate in challenges.

Be sure to create and set up your Reel Owners account ahead of time. Plus, create a new account or log in with an existing RECUR account now and you’ll get a free starter kit just for joining. 

So, what are you waiting for? Become a Reel Owner today!

Are you ready to start building?

If your business is looking to build engaging web3 experiences at scale like Playtika, get in touch with our team or learn more at

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