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NFTU Officially Returns May 4!

Halftime is coming to a close and NFTU is bringing some exciting new features and rewards to the second half
NFTU Halftime Adjustments

The clock is counting down on the final moments until Halftime is over and the second half of NFTU’s Tip Off season resumes. During the break, we studied our technique, tweaked our strategy, and made sure our X’s and O’s were sound to ensure that the game could go on.

We know the wait felt long, but it was necessary and we appreciate your patience (and your feedback — we’ve got the greatest fans in the world). We hope you made it through the bathroom line and stopped by the concession stand on the way back in. Now, let’s review the game plan for the second half!

Rewarding RECUR Pass Holders

NFTU is committed to our OG RECUR Pass holders. You are the legends who have made this experience possible. So on April 29th, we celebrate you with NFT rewards!

  • When: April 29th, 12PM ET
  • What: For every RECUR Pass held, whether listed in the Marketplace or not, the holder of the RECUR Passes who had made an NFTU purchase and was eligible for the snapshot on April 12th will receive NFTU Cases of varying rarity depending on the color and rarity of their pass. See distribution chart below for complete details.
  • Details: All the great players from Tip Off Weeks 1–4 are packed into these Cases to assist NFTU fans in completing upcoming Challenges (more below on those…). No further opt-in action is required, and more details are in our prior post HERE.

No More Cases Drop in the 2nd Half

Yes, you read that right. We do our best to prioritize our community and the last thing we want to do is dilute demand by oversupplying. For this reason, we are very pleased to announce the end of weekly Case drops. The quantity currently in circulation, whether in user collections (opened or unopened) or available on the NFTU site, are the final NFTU collectibles to be sold this season. The Common and Rare Cases remaining on the site will expire on Friday, April 29, 11:59PM ET. After that, all distribution of new NFTs will be through Challenges.

  • When: April 29, 11:59PM ET
  • What: All Cases will be removed from sale on NFTU.com
  • Details: Get the last of the Cases before they’re gone!

NFTU Challenges Make Their Debut

That leads us to a big announcement! We are proud to launch Challenges to the NFTU community. Like a 5-star recruit, we celebrate the debut of Challenges with the fanfare it deserves as this game feature is here to put your collection to work.

  • When: May 4, 12PM ET
  • What: Two Challenges will premiere on May 4th. One that requires a set of Common Limelights in order to earn a Premium NFT and a Premium Challenge Ticket. The second Challenge is a Rare Challenge that requires Premium NFTs and rewards a Rare NFT along with a Rare Challenge Ticket. Challenge Tickets are a requirement for future Challenge-Exclusive Rare and Ultra Rare Challenges in order to get the highest rarity reward: Challenge-Exclusive Ultra Rare NFTs. All Challenge Rewards are exclusive to Challenges and cannot be earned any other way.
  • Details: Challenges have a limited supply of rewards and can be completed multiple times by a given user. You must be quick to exchange your collectibles in order to earn a reward. If you miss out on the first set of Challenges, there will be new Challenges weekly to try again. If you do not own a collectible that satisfies the criteria, the NFTU Marketplace is a great option to bolster your collection and search for the right match. REMINDER: Any NFT that is exchanged for a Challenge will be burned and therefore cannot be recovered! Make sure any NFT submitted to earn a Challenge Reward is the NFT you want to trade in.

Exclusive Championship NFTs Celebrate NCAA Winners

It’s a championship surprise! EXTREMELY limited edition NFTs that celebrate the victors of both the 2022 Women’s (University of South Carolina) and Men’s (University of Kansas) NCAA Basketball National Championships.

  • When: TBA (a true surprise!)
  • What: These limited Kansas Jayhawks and South Carolina Gamecocks collectibles will have official NCAA Championship marks to celebrate the fandom and thrill of both tournament’s final game.
  • Details: Prep like a true champion as these commemorative NFTs will be highly sought after and only available to those who dig their heels into the new Challenges gameplay.

Listening to Our Fans

When fans cheer, it helps drive the level of competition higher, but when they jeer — we must listen! As part of NFTU’s second half, we are proud to announce many upcoming improvements to your NFTU.com experience with a fresher look and more for you to see and do:

  • Along with Challenges, we are adding a Circulation Counter (see below) to all collectible description pages. This means that, at a glance, you will be able to see how many of a single collectible there are in circulation, how many remain in Cases, how many have been burned/exchanged in Challenges. This will give you a method to track the scarcity of any given Limelight or Flashback.
  • Additionally, over time, you will see many upgrades to the homepage that are meant to highlight the most trending, most valuable, and most sought after NFTU collectibles via new trackers.
  • We also believe the true Limelights of NFTU are YOU, the collectors. With this in mind, we will be adding new features to the site that put the spotlight on community members who are making their mark within NFTU. We want you to be engaged with each other, so the NFTU Community can thrive. You will soon find yourself one-click or one tap away from being able to view each other’s collections and to be guided to the best collections in the game.
  • Additionally, NFTU will burn excess inventory from unsold and unreleased Cases. More details on how much of the inventory will be removed (and exact timing) will be released in the near future.
  • As always, we are continuously listening and are happy to consider any of your suggestions for NFTU in our Discord #Suggestions Channel.
NFTU Circulation Counter

It’s just about that time. The trick-dunk trampolines have been pulled off the court and the players are emerging from the locker rooms.

Game on. 🏀🏀🏀

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