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NFTU Challenges Are Live

Weekly releases, big rewards, real competition.
NFTU Challenges are Live

Challenges are live on NFTU as of today, which means all players can now collect and compete against one another, carefully hodling or burning inventory.

Challenges have been added to the NFTU homepage so you can see what’s in play and what’s upcoming. Details for completing Challenges will not be unveiled until the whistle blows, but feel free to speculate on what might give you an edge on the next play.

How do I complete Challenges?

Burn baby, burn.

We’re introducing a burn mechanic for completing Challenges, which means when NFTs are exchanged to unlock rewards they’re destroyed and removed from circulation.

In the first half we let the players take the court, but now it’s time to wind down and let our community play and earn.

Click the BUY button below an empty area to add what you need to complete the Challenge. The number of eligible NFTs you have in your Collection for a particular trade-in is noted above the existing selection.

If you just can’t let go of Dee Brown, we get it. What you submit isn’t stored, it’s burned. So if there’s something beloved pre-selected for the Challenge, simply click Select below what’s currently slotted and every eligible NFT in your Collection will pop-up for you to choose from.

Who are you willing to part with to compete?

Can I see the circulating counts for Limelights and Flashbacks?


We’ve updated all NFT product detail pages (PDPs) to showcase the total serialized supply of each NFT.

The NFT circulation chart on every NFT product detail page shows how much of a Limelight or Flashback is still sealed in a case, opened and rotating or has been burned. This new detail on listings will be key for competitors to scour and analyze to see which NFTs are being removed from circulation and raising their rarity.

Owned = Opened, held, listed on the marketplace

Burned = Destroyed to complete a Challenge

Unopened = In a sealed Case or NFTU excess inventory

What are Challenge Rewards?

Each challenge is limited in reward supply. There’s only so many crowns to go around.

Challenge rewards are detailed on a Challenge page and express which reward you could receive for completing a Challenge. Flashbacks and Limelights are available as rewards, as well as new Challenge Tickets, which are used to complete higher tier Challenges.

Challenge Tiers and Tickets

There are three tiers of Challenges. Each tier increases in difficulty to complete.

Premium Challenges

These require the burning of several specific NFT types; dunks, Freshmen, three-pointers and more.

Rewards from Premium Challenges aren’t just player NFTs though - by completing the first tier, you acquire a Premium Challenge Ticket.

Rare Challenges

Rare Challenges typically require higher caliber NFTs to be burned in order to complete and these also call for the Premium Challenge Tickets you’ve picked up from winning Premium Challenges.

To get rare Challenge rewards you’ll need to take the shot with not only what’s in your beloved Collection, but also trade-in Premium Challenge Tickets, in order to win.

Ultra Rare Challenges

Ultra Rare Challenges are for the Champions. If you made it this far, you’re going for the gold.

These rewards are only for those that excelled at the game and took the time to study the plays it takes to win.

Completing Rare Challenges will help you yield Rare Challenge Tickets, the final item needed to take the crown and win the ultimate rewards from NFTU Challenges.

To recap

Premium Challenges = Burn specific criteria from your Collection, earn rewards and a Premium Challenge Ticket.

Rare Challenges = Burn even more specific criteria from your Collection plus Premium Challenge tickets to earn even rarer rewards and a coveted Rare Challenge Ticket.

Ultra Rare Challenges = Burn high caliber NFTs, plus Rare Challenge Tickets and earn potentially exclusive rewards.

What are you waiting for?

The whistle is blown, Challenges are live and players are scrambling.

What are you still doing here? Go own the rush.

Compete in NFTU Challenges now.

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