Introducing RECUR Builder: the go-to solution to launch your business into web3

Presenting our new end-to-end, enterprise-grade platform. RECUR Builder enables enterprises to build, launch, and operate web3 experiences at scale.
Introducing RECUR Builder

With all the exciting opportunities that web3 has to offer, there hasn’t been a way to take advantage of them. Businesses have struggled with navigating the technical and operational complexities of web3. As a result, most have been unable to harness web3’s unique promise… until now.

Our newest product, RECUR Builder, helps companies break down the barriers of entering the web3 space so they can provide immersive web3 experiences for their customers quickly, easily, and safely without all of the friction.

Through our new SaaS platform, companies of all sizes can seamlessly integrate web3 into their existing products, marketing stack, video games, and more. Enterprises now have access to the entire web3 stack in one end-to-end software tool. All of the quality, scalable tools you need, no additional vendors required.

Intrigued? Let’s dive deeper into all that RECUR Builder has to offer. 


  • RECUR Builder helps you launch web3 experiences that are innovative, easy to use, and engaging for your customers.
  • Web3 helps you unlock a new revenue stream, loyalty channel, or a dedicated community to see engagement like never before.
  • With RECUR Builder, you can access the entire web3 tech stack in one platform with all the tools you need to build, launch, and manage your experience.
  • A quick look at some of what you get with RECUR Builder: a customized website and marketplace, NFT minting and gamification, advanced analytics, and fully equipped user wallets and multi-chain capabilities.
  • Iconic brands such as Paramount, Nickelodeon, and Hello Kitty have already successfully launched NFT experiences for their fans using our platform. 

What we’re solving

It’s no secret that the world of web3 can be complicated. Maybe even a little scary. Questions like ’where do I begin?,’ ‘is it just a fad?,’ and ‘can I trust the industry?’ are all pretty common among businesses today. And they’re exactly why we’ve built RECUR Builder. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between web2 and web3. How? By making web3 simple, accessible, and safe for everyone — with businesses and their users in mind. 

Before today, to launch an effective and engaging NFT experience you’d normally have to deal with the oh-so-pleasant juggling of vendors and/or integrations, like:

  • Unique smart contracts and minting of NFTs
  • Creating a custom website and/or integrating it into your existing infrastructure
  • Metadata and SKU management
  • Deploying and managing a primary marketplace
  • Supporting global payment methods such as credit cards, crypto, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
  • Compliance, KYC, risk management, and infrastructure security 
  • Collection and tracking of royalty fees
  • And many more

Like we said… complicated. This is an unrealistic expectation for organizations of any size (especially those new to web3). Setting your business up for success starts with a solution that simplifies the process instead of adding to it.

So that’s what we set out to solve. No vendors. No learning curve. No limits. The entire web3 tech stack, all in one platform. 

The simplified solution

Throughout the ages technology has been developed to simplify and help us accomplish tasks more efficiently. A wheel to transportation, a calculator to math, a telephone to communication, and now RECUR to web3. 

Our unmatched platform bundles hundreds of advanced web3 capabilities in a single platform of easy-to-use tools. What makes us different? Our unparalleled end-to-end technology creates unforgettable customer experiences through:

All-in-one, intuitive platform

Access an entire web3 tech stack with the tools needed to build, launch, and manage a web3 experience. A few features to call out include a customizable website and marketplace, NFT minting and gamification, royalty management, multi-chain capabilities, and more.

Flexible, user-centric approach

Just as we make building in web3 simple, we’ve ensured using it is too. For end-users, RECUR’s easy onboarding, fully-equipped omni-wallets, and hybrid approach to payments mean whether they’re native to web3 or brand new, there's no learning curve to joining.

Tried-and-true results

To date, RECUR’s dynamic web3 infrastructure has powered experiences for iconic companies like Paramount Global, Nickelodeon, Hello Kitty, Care Bears, and emoji. Now, following the success of these partnerships, we’re opening up our technology to the world for enterprises of all kinds to achieve the same results.

Reliable and trusted solution

With 99.99% uptime and dedicated customer support, your experience is always looked after. In addition, every business and end-user receives our uncompromising, robust security architecture – including KYC, bot and DDOS prevention, and fraud detection. We offer all the innovation of a web3 platform, with the security measures and rigorous scrutiny enterprises expect.

Now that you know what we offer, let’s break down how you can actually launch your experience using RECUR Builder:

1. Build

Bring your web3 ecosystem to life using our powerful suite of tools. Use our advanced technology to mint and manage NFTs and bring it to life by customizing and white-labeling your entire experience. Plus, you can easily integrate with your existing products, marketing stack, video games, and more.

2. Use

When your experience is live, this is the easy part. Your users can access and use your experience without you having to lift a finger thanks to our technology. All you have to do is market your experience and rally your audience as you do best.

3. Manage 

At any point after launch, you can access behind-the-scenes details to analyze progress, keep track of royalties and sales, and make changes on the fly.

Don’t forget about the benefits

Like a pioneer exploring new territory, you expect to find an untapped resource that will produce lasting rewards. That’s no different here. Let’s talk about the types of results to expect when you introduce web3 into your business strategy:

  • Unlock a new revenue stream with primary marketplace transactions and never-ending secondary royalty fees.
  • Drive lasting loyalty with your users by offering them ownership and flexibility through NFTs.
  • Gain a competitive edge by reaching new audiences and forging a more engaged community.
  • Leverage new distribution channels enabled by blockchain technology and remove intermediaries with flexible, global payments.

What can you build?

Maybe the question should really be: what can’t you build? We’ve designed our SaaS platform to be incredibly versatile so it suits any organization looking to integrate NFTs into their business strategy. However, there are a few use cases we’re particularly excited about.

In-game assets

Incentivize customers with the liquidity of in-game purchases. With a projected $74.4 billion market value in 2025, NFTs can drastically impact players' purchasing habits and improve retention by giving them lasting ownership.

Loyalty and reward programs

Boost customer engagement with a loyalty program that offers more flexibility for end-users—on and offline. With NFTs, users receive a deeper experience through interoperability, personalization, and ownership. 

Events and virtual commemorative tickets (VCTs)

Deepen your virtual or in-person event with token-gating and give attendees a way to remember the event with VCTs. Plus, VCTs help you continue the momentum following your event and convert attendees into customers through special offers. 

Digital collectibles

Turn your company’s art or memorabilia into NFTs, like a modern-day baseball trading card. Give new life to beloved projects or create buzz around what’s coming up next. Whatever it is, users can engage, trade, or keep it for their personal collection.

There’s one thing that all of these have in common: creating an engaging and unforgettable customer experience. No matter what you choose to build in web3, it will open entirely new functionality and opportunities.

Learn more

With the launch of RECUR Builder, we’re also excited to announce our rebrand and roll out of our new website. Here you can learn more about RECUR, access our blog and deep dive into our offerings.

If you're ready to build innovative and scalable NFT experiences for your business, get in touch to learn more about how RECUR Builder can help.

Hop on an exploratory call with our team of experts to walk through our offerings and ideate how your business can enter web3. So whether you’re just exploring your options or ready to launch your NFT experience, we’ll help you get there.

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