Gamers, assembled: A look back at GDC 2023

A recap of our time at Game Developers Conference 2023
GDC 2023: A recap of our time at Game Developers Conference 2023

Last week, members of the RECUR team flew to San Francisco to join over 20,000 others at Game Developers Conference 2023, the largest gaming conference for builders and leaders. 

We met with industry professionals, connected with partners, and spread the word about RECUR and RECUR Builder. 

It was an important moment to communicate our mission and the power behind RECUR Builder. 

And now that the event has come to a close, here’s a quick recap of our time spent at GDC 2023. 

So without further ado… 

What is GDC?

For those who may not have heard of this event before, GDC is the gaming industry's premier professional event. It focuses on connecting the global game development community by championing developers, highlighting their work, and helping to take it to the next level. 

And every year, enterprises, government officials, gaming studios, and more from all over the world come together for this momentous event.

Along with a comprehensive selection of lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions, GDC also highlights the latest game development tools and services. 

Enter: RECUR Builder. 

Meeting partners and raising awareness of RECUR

After the launch of RECUR Builder in January, we knew it was critical to spread awareness of this revolutionary tool. And after our initial customer, we understood this would fundamentally change how enterprises conducted business, and starting with the gaming industry was a no-brainer. 

We were excited to attend to:

  1. Raise brand awareness for RECUR and RECUR Builder
  2. Meet with leaders in the gaming industry to promote RECUR Builder
  3. Showcase RECUR Builder’s best-in-class capabilities 

We set out to accomplish these in a few different ways. 


What’s a conference without a great booth? Our IRL presence was designed to highlight RECUR and RECUR Builder with eye-catching visuals from our recently refreshed branding.

For RECUR Builder, it was important to emphasize its ease of use and how gaming leaders could use it to enhance their experiences. In one single platform, enterprises can now build with zero barriers. They can create faster, more successful NFT experiences without a single new hire, and all within a simplified, end-to-end web3 platform. 

This activation was also the first IRL implementation of our updated branding. Messaging, visuals, and overall feel reflected an elevation from traditional digital experiences into the more cutting-edge world of web3.


Surprise and delight

But we didn’t stop at just the booth. We had two unique moments planned for attendees who dropped in to say hello.

You might have noticed a familiar object in the photos above. Throughout the week, we gave anyone who visited our booth and spoke with our team the opportunity to enter and win a Care Bear KoolTunes™ cooler with speakers. 

The original giveaway to select Care Bear digital collectible holders was a great way to surprise and delight our community. Sharing that moment with anyone who came up to the booth was a real-world example of how businesses can engage their fans in new, exciting ways.

In addition to our giveaway, we were also able to showcase RECUR and RECUR Builder throughout Polygon’s spaces at the event. 

They wanted to showcase partners utilizing the Polygon network in a novel way that paid homage to the gaming industry itself. Our team created a poster fit to be displayed in the ultimate retro gamer haven. 

Think 90’s basement, but with all the coolest digs and systems.   

RECUR x Beamable

It wouldn’t be an event without an epic partnership announcement! 

While at GDC 2023, we announced our partnership with Beamable–a leading game development and live ops platform for games built on Unity and Unreal Engine.  

This partnership is making web3 technology more accessible for game studios of all sizes. That means anyone from AAA studios to indie game studios will be able to harness the power of RECUR Builder to build their web3 experience.

By combining our strengths, we aim to empower a new generation of games where game developers can offer provable ownership, innovative game economies, and all-new reward types for players.  

So, where will you see us next?

GDC 2023 kick-started our presence at events. We’ll be on the road throughout the year, catching up with our customers, partners, and community and spreading the word about how RECUR Builder will revolutionize the way businesses and enterprises build in web3. 

Get ready because we’re just getting started. 


Looking to revolutionize your gaming experience? Learn more at

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