Dew Drops: The next generation of text-based drops Built on RECUR

Web3 firm, Dew Drops, is bringing hundreds of digital collectibles to users via curated, open-edition text message drops.
Dew Drops: The next generation of text-based drops Built on RECUR

Starting today, Dew Drops, a text-based digital collectible platform is launching their curated experiences on RECUR. 

And with this announcement, we’re delighted that Dew Drops is the first company built entirely on top of RECUR’s full-stack platform, RECUR Builder.

So what exactly can you expect from this newly formed firm?

Dew Drops will partner with artists and brands around the world to drop hundreds of digital collectibles via text message. Their work removes the barriers for collecting digital assets and enables artists and brands the ability to reach an engaged audience. Each purchase is made on-chain, reaping all the benefits of web3, but with the smooth flow of traditional online purchasing that the RECUR Builder facilitates. 

We’ve long heard the struggle of users within the web3 space battling with the purchasing process. It’s why we created RECUR and RECUR Builder.  To solve these pain points. And Dew Drops’ mission signals the increasing emphasis on and importance for experiences built on web3 to truly prioritize the onboarding and purchasing process for a mass audience. 

“Our core mission is to make art collecting fun, accessible and approachable,” said Dew Drops CEO, Jeremy Levitan. “Dew Drops aims to enable users to find the art that speaks to them, without the technical hurdles. By creating a direct line to collectors, artist work gets the respect and attention it deserves. We want collectibles to be seen as beautiful treasures, while upholding the promise of web3 through security, provenance, and verifiable ownership.”

How does that translate into drops?

After you sign up and enter your credit card information, Dew Drops will send out a text message with that day’s offering to all registered users. The message lists everything you would need to know to participate: info on the artist, NFT, associated utility, rarities, and pricing. From there, all you have to do is simply reply back with the number of NFTs you want to purchase. That’s it! 

To join their curated drops from artists like Karisma, Anthony Azekwoh, Jaime Derringer, Tustont, and more, register at


We are so pleased to empower Dew Drops and their users with the easiest onboarding and purchasing experience out there. That’s the magic of RECUR Builder. It provides a state-of-the-art web3 platform so businesses of all sizes can integrate with or build directly on web3 in a frictionless, scalable, and secure environment. It’s use-case agnostic functionality enables firms, game studios, enterprises, marketers, influencers, founders, and really anyone in between to up-level their customer engagement strategy and build novel experiences.  

And you can see this in action for yourself!

Dew Drops first digital collectible experience will be on June 7th, sign ups start at 12pm ET and last until 12am ET. From there, they’ll have more drops with the artists listed above and beyond, so sign up to receive text messages as soon as the first drop becomes available.

We’ll be discussing this exciting announcement more on Twitter Spaces Friday, June 2nd at 11:00am ET. Dew Drops CEO, Jeremy Levitan and RECUR VP of Product, Max Wilson will go live to talk through this new experience and what to expect next week. Set your reminder now at

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