Creating digital collectibles: The 3 types of NFTs to mint and why

Understand how the three NFT mint types each play a unique role in the creative economy, from shaping value and expanding reach, to showcasing unparalleled uniqueness.
Creating digital collectibles: The 3 types of NFTs to mint and why

TL;DR: Types of NFTs you can mint

Single: Unique NFT, singular in its attributes and media, making it the rarest form of NFT.

Limited: A fixed number of NFTs, valued for their rarity due to their limited quantity.

Unlimited: Infinite NFTs, aimed at uses like widespread onboarding or endless in-game supplies.


Digital collectibles are fast becoming a cornerstone in the global creative economy, opening up fresh avenues for artists, innovators, and enthusiasts alike.

However, despite the growing familiarity with NFTs, a clear understanding of their varied forms and potential utility still needs to be discovered for most. In the following content, we’ll explore the three types of NFTs you can create—Single, Limited and Unlimited—and unravel why each should be considered for its unique significance.

Single: the embodiment of uniqueness

In the world of digital collectibles, single tokens stand at the zenith of exclusivity and individuality. When you mint a single NFT, you create a unique digital asset that exists as a singular, exclusive edition. Everything associated with it, be it the attributes, the media, or the backstory, is unmatched.

A single NFT derives its value from its uniqueness, such as a piece of fine art or Jack Doresy’s first Tweet. An excellent example of this is Beeple's "Everydays: The First 5000 Days NFT," which commanded a jaw-dropping $69 million at Christie's. The process of minting a single NFT is a bold declaration, signifying that the created piece is not only unique but irreplaceable.

Limited: crafting value through scarcity

Minting an NFT where the value is intrinsically linked to its limited availability is the core principle of limited NFTs, where a predetermined number of tokens are created. These NFTs might share similar attributes or content, but their finite number creates a unique appeal, thus enhancing their value in the market. Some great examples of limited NFTs are projects like World of Women, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Doodles

By choosing to mint limited NFTs, creators can exercise control over the rarity of their digital assets. This not only provides FOMO for missing out on collections but also attracts a dedicated segment of collectors who value exclusivity. Moreover, limited-edition NFTs often foster a deeper connection between the creator and the collector, making the experience more personalized.

Unlimited: the power of ubiquity

Contrasting sharply with limited NFTs are unlimited NFTs. These are less about creating value through scarcity and more about ensuring widespread accessibility. Whether used as inclusive airdrops for completing a simple onboarding task, or a reward for reaching a milestone anyone can achieve, they serve numerous functions.

Unlimited NFTs allow creators to connect with a broader audience, establishing a far-reaching digital footprint. They offer an excellent opportunity for self-promotion, personal branding, and mass engagement. Unrestricted by quantity limitations, this type of digital collectible enables a business or creator to expand their reach across the vast digital landscape.

Navigating the world of NFT mints

Choosing the right type of NFT to mint depends on your goals, target audience, and the nature of the digital asset you envision. Are you looking to create something scarce and coveted? Or perhaps you wish to disseminate your digital creation far and wide? Maybe you aim to create a digital masterpiece, unique and unparalleled.

The digital collectibles landscape is as diverse as it is innovative, offering something for everyone. Be it a digital artist, a gaming studio, a musician, or a business looking to innovate its loyalty program, there's an NFT type for every idea and creative execution.

Confused about where to start? Help is out there! Consider using a tool like RECUR Builder to effortlessly bring your web3 aspirations to life. As an intuitive platform designed for creating and minting NFTs at any scale, RECUR Builder’s user-friendly interface and powerful features make for a simple and seamless journey from concept to creation. It’s a great asset for both new and seasoned creators.

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