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Calling All Captains…

With the release of Star Trek™ Continuum, RECUR is helping fans everywhere warp into the metaverse
Star Trek™ Continuum

For generations, Star Trek™ has inspired fans through its vision for a brighter future and its passion for exploration. From Star Trek: The Original Series of the 1960s, to Star Trek™: The Next Generation, to the movies, and to current shows such as Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the Star Trek™ Universe continues to expand with every fan finding their favorite era, characters, and stories. Today, we are launching Star Trek Continuum, the definitive immersive digital collectible experience for Star Trek™ fans, which will encompass the entire legacy of the Star Trek™ Universe, bringing fans together socially around their passion for their beloved franchise.

Your voyage will begin with your Starship, and on April 9, we are releasing 20,000 algorithmically generated Starships, each with a unique design and specific traits which will become useful in future gameplay on Star Trek Continuum. 2,000 additional Starships will be reserved for forthcoming community challenges and rewards.

What will one do with a Starship or Fleet?

A secret project is underway at the edge of Federation space — a new fleet of algorithmically generated Starships are being assembled. They are unique, never-before-seen Starships. These designs from Season 0 will never be minted again. Each ship has different traits and capabilities, some of which may be very rare. To successfully complete your missions and earn all the rewards that Star Trek Continuum has to offer, you will need Starships with different abilities, so you may want to collect more than one.

Season 0 calls all Captains to claim their unique 1:1 Starships and assemble their fleets. In Season 1, fans can collect crew members, and all Captains of Season 0 Starships will be rewarded with a crew member to begin building out their ship’s bridge. Season 1 also finds the first missions beginning, which can earn fans other exclusive rewards. Missions continue into Season 2, where you will be able to collect new planets, new species, new characters, and discover new frontiers of fandom. Additional exclusive benefits will be provided to Star Trek Continuum collectors…

How can I claim my Starships?

The Season 0 Star Trek Continuum sale will take place for 24 hours only, beginning on April 9th, 2022 at 11:00am ET. To mint your Starship you’ll need to visit Startrek.xyz before April 9th at 11:00am ET and ensure your RECUR account is set up.

Star Trek™ fans that are RECUR Pass holders are eligible for exclusive Admiral Starship packs during the drop at 11:00am ET.

For all Star Trek™ fans, including RECUR Pass holders, there will also be Captain packs available for purchase on April 9th, 2022 beginning at 11:00am ET.

Both Admiral and Captain Starship designs from Season 0 will never be minted again.

The Starships will be concealed until April 8 at Star Trek™: Mission Chicago where a live panel of incredible crew and talent will be on hand to reveal the new designs. Starships will be algorithmically generated from six Starship classes and each comes equipped with its own unique combination of attributes.

The price to mint a Starship will be $250.

There will be 20,000 Starship packs available for sale, and an additional 10% of the inventory will be reserved for in-game rewards, challenges, and other exciting activities. The maximum capacity for Season 0 is set at 22,000 Starships.

Stardate: 99866.82

You may recognize it as the date the Star Trek™: Mission Chicago convention opens, where — on April 8 at precisely 2:45pm ET — we will reveal all the incredible new Starships, their classes, and attributes.

We will be joined by an All-Star panel of guests talking about how Star Trek Continuum is the next generation of the Star Trek™ Universe.

If you can’t make it in person, be sure to stream it on YouTube or join us to watch it live on Discord in the RECUR Stadium — we’re setting our phasers to stun!

See below for more details of the ship reveal and the Season 0 Starship drop for Star Trek™ Continuum.

April 8 — 2:45pm ET

Live Stream from Mission Chicago: Star TrekContinuum — a new journey into the metaverse

An exclusive discussion about Star Trek Continuum, the new fan experience coming to the Star Trek™ universe. With participation from Sonequa Martin-Green, Anthony Rapp, Chris Heatherly, Jordan Hoffman and a massive reveal announcing how and why Star Trek™ is building this new digital collectible experience.

Watch on YouTube HERE

April 9 — 11:00am ET

Star TrekContinuum Season 0 release

Star Trek™ fans that are RECUR Pass holders get exclusive access to Admiral packs while all Star Trek™ fans, including RECUR Pass holders, will have access to Captain packs.


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