Bringing the Near ecosystem to RECUR

Enhanced interoperability and accessibility in web3 is closer than ever
Bringing the Near ecosystem to RECUR

Near–an open-source, decentralized blockchain protocol with a vibrant ecosystem of projects–will be integrated into our suite of products. 

This partnership will give the entire Near ecosystem of brands and developers access to build on our platform and enable our community to withdraw to and engage with a host of new projects built on NEAR.

Near joins the likes of Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche as the latest blockchain ecosystem available on RECUR. With a multi-chain approach to interoperability, we’re future-proofing every experience for both users and builders, providing true ownership, and giving users complete control–all while continuing to enable cutting edge technology as the industry evolves. 

A partnership built for everyone

Whether you’re a developer building on Near, a digital collectible holder, or anyone in between, you can reap the benefits of the Near integration on RECUR. 

Near was built to be a simple, secure, and scalable blockchain for both users and developers alike and is now giving its partners and projects access to a simple, secure, and scalable web3 experience platform to build on.

What does that mean precisely? With this announcement, brands and developers building on Near, like SailGP, Paras, and Few and Far, will soon have access to our enterprise-grade SaaS platform, RECUR Builder. Projects of all sizes can seamlessly build, scale, and integrate web3 experiences into their existing products, marketing stack, video games, and more.

Let’s break that down. 

Take SailGP, for example. Last year, Near and SailGP unveiled a multi-year global partnership to create a DAO on the Near Protocol, the first-of-its-kind community engagement and activation platform in professional sports. And now they can harness RECUR Builder to create innovative web3 experiences for their suite of worldwide events, fans, and DAO members across the world, enhancing and powering their initiative of developing real-world web3 applications and transitioning traditional industries to web3.

In the same vein, marketplaces on Near can utilize RECUR Builder to create their web3 experiences. If we zoom in on Paras, their team has taken a curated approach to the NFT marketplace. Their aim is to support artists struggling to create on other blockchains. They do this by offering a budget-friendly alternative to help bring new entrants to the space. Enter, RECUR and RECUR Builder. Now Paras can develop engaging web3 experiences for their 3,500+ emerging artists and 120,000 engaged users to complement their already existing or upcoming collections. 

And this partnership doesn’t solely benefit the Near ecosystem. Users across experiences Built on RECUR and Powered by RECUR will now be able to withdraw and trade their digital collectibles on the Near network, including marketplaces like Few and Far, opening up an entirely new ecosystem of projects for users to explore. RECUR users can organically discover over 400,000 new NFTs and over 40 new projects building on Few and Far, while resting assured creator royalties for their favorite artists are protected and they remain in full, decentralized control of their assets. 

Interoperability and accessibility for all

We’re obsessed with bringing greater interoperability, simplicity, and accessibility to the web3 space–for businesses, developers, and users alike. This marks the next step towards that initiative and we’re delighted to bring this to life with Near. 

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