Beyond Bored Apes: Surprising NFT applications transforming businesses

Exploring niche NFT applications in today's business landscape.
Beyond Bored Apes: Surprising NFT applications transforming businesses

If you thought NFTs were just about Bored Apes, or Cyberpunks that people use as their profile pictures, buckle up, because you're in for a wild ride! 

NFTs have been sneaking their way into some truly unexpected corners of the business world. Prepare to have your socks knocked off as we delve into the most out-of-the-box uses for NFTs that are shaping our future in the most unpredictable ways. 

From virtual real estate to NFT-based escape rooms, it's time to explore the lesser-known realms where NFTs make their surprising and often playful impact. 

Let's dive in.

Real estate and virtual land

One might not expect NFTs to have a place in the real estate market, but they've made an entrance in both physical and virtual spaces. Companies like RealT are tokenizing property ownership, allowing investors to buy and sell shares in real-world properties via NFTs. In virtual worlds like Decentraland and The Sandbox, users can purchase, develop, and monetize digital land parcels as NFTs, creating new opportunities and revenue streams for virtual real estate ventures and investors.

Sustainable fashion

NFTs have found their way into the fashion industry as well. Brands like Fabricant are using NFTs to represent ownership of unique, limited-edition clothing items. With the growing concern for sustainability and reducing waste, NFTs offer a way to promote eco-friendly fashion by emphasizing the digital ownership of items without consuming physical resources until someone claims the piece for a real-world version of their NFT. 

Film financing and distribution

Independent filmmakers have turned to NFTs to raise funds for their projects, offering exclusive content and experiences to token holders. For example, the film "Lotawana" became the first feature film to be financed, produced, and distributed using NFTs. This approach allows filmmakers to maintain creative control and forge a direct relationship with their audience, bypassing traditional gatekeepers.

Education and training

NFTs are also revolutionizing the way we view and value educational content. Companies like Learn & Earn use NFTs to tokenize educational courses and materials, allowing learners to earn tokens upon completion. These tokens can be traded for other courses or redeemed for various incentives, fostering a gamified, learner-centric ecosystem.

Sports memorabilia

NFTs have found a home in the world of sports, with platforms like NBA Top Shot offering fans the chance to own, trade, and sell officially licensed video highlights as NFTs. This has generated a thriving marketplace for digital sports memorabilia, with some moments selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Decentralized identity verification

NFTs are being explored as a means of establishing decentralized identity systems. Projects like Ontology use NFTs to create verifiable digital identities, allowing users to maintain control over their personal data and securely share it with businesses and service providers. This could profoundly impact industries like finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.

NFT-based board games and tabletop RPGs

Obscure yet creative industries like board games and tabletop RPGs are also embracing NFT technology. With NFTs, game creators can tokenize unique assets, limited-edition cards, or exclusive characters. This allows players to own, trade, and sell their digital assets while enhancing their in-game experience. Platforms like ChainGuardians offer a glimpse into the future of NFT-based gaming experiences.

Scientific research and intellectual property

The scientific research community is exploring NFTs as a way to tokenize and monetize their research findings and inventions. NFTs can represent ownership of intellectual property, such as patents, allowing researchers to sell or license their work more efficiently. This approach could potentially streamline the commercialization of scientific breakthroughs and encourage innovation.

Cultural heritage preservation

NFTs are also being used to preserve and protect cultural heritage. By creating digital representations of culturally significant artifacts, organizations can ensure their survival for future generations. This raises awareness about the importance of cultural preservation and generates funding for the restoration and conservation of physical artifacts.

Escape rooms

Another obscure application of NFTs lies in the realm of digital escape rooms. Creators can develop immersive, virtual escape room experiences with NFT-based puzzles and rewards. Players who successfully solve the puzzles can receive unique NFTs as prizes, which can be sold or traded on various marketplaces. This novel approach to escape rooms adds a collectible aspect to the experience, potentially increasing its appeal to a broader audience.

Wildlife conservation

NFTs are being used for wildlife conservation efforts, too. Projects like NFA Non-Fungible Animals create NFTs that represent endangered animals. Proceeds from the sale of these tokens are used to fund conservation projects, raise awareness, and provide much-needed resources to protect vulnerable species.

Exclusive culinary memberships

NFTs are making waves in the culinary world, offering unique and exclusive dining experiences like never before. FlyFish Club (FFC) has revolutionized the private dining club experience. Membership to this exclusive club is represented through NFTs, which are purchased and owned by the token-holder. 

Embracing the unexpected: The future of NFTs

Beyond pixelated PFPs, NFTs have blazed a trail across many industries, reshaping traditional operations and forging new opportunities. From revolutionizing real estate—both in physical and virtual spaces—to promoting sustainability in fashion, the reach of NFTs is far and wide. They're fostering innovation in scientific research, breaking barriers in film distribution, and democratizing education. The world of sports, gaming, and even wildlife conservation have all felt the transformative touch of NFTs.

As we journey into the digital future, NFTs continue to surprise us, proving they're not just a fleeting trend but a technological revolution changing how we live and interact with the world. One thing’s for sure, this ride is far from over. In fact, it's just getting started.

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