We aren’t just predicting the future—we’re building it.

Simple for businesses. For users. For you.
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At RECUR, everything we do helps make web3 more accessible for all.

We know how difficult and intimidating it is to enter the NFT and crypto space (we’ve all been there).

We strive to grow our business with integrity and innovation to offer web3 opportunities with the ease and accessibility of web2. So we set out to provide all the tools, guidance, and security anyone needs to enter web3 confidently.
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Our mission is to make web3 simple

Simple for companies to build NFT experiences using our all-in-one, user-friendly infrastructure.

Simple for their customers, users, and fans to enjoy and engage in those experiences.
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We know how important it is to mitigate the environmental impact of any web3 business.

We’re dedicated to bringing products to market in a way that reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We do that through:
Sustainable blockchain
Carbon offset
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We value loyalty so much that it’s the origin of our name: RECUR.

It doesn’t only refer to the recurring royalties you earn on your NFTs. We believe in the power of recurring loyalty—something deeply lacking in web3.

To us, loyalty means:
Supporting you
Future-proofing tools
Going beyond fads
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If you think our product is cool, just wait until you meet the people who built it

RECUR is comprised of a dedicated team of creators, innovators, and web3 veterans all focused on the same mission:

To make web3 simple and accessible for all. Cemented by that passion, our team formed to solve the problems we've witnessed in the industry and make revolutionary tech that lasts.
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